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Y Create - Blue cs. / Green cs. / Grey cs. (Exart,1983)

Vuelvo al catálogo de Exart con tres de las primeras referencias del sello holandés que para todos los seguidores de la electrónica experimental, punk, coldwave y minimalista de los años 80 tiene en estas tres un filón a desgastar. Por suerte, siguen los enlaces vivos del blog "no longer forgotten music" , así que no lo dudeis y coleccionar estas tres retorcidas entregas.

El blog para el legado de Y Creat/Exart: http://djima.blogspot.be/

"A collection of sound recordings by Kees Beukelaar, Herman te Loo, Jos van Ommen, Kees van Ede and Willem de Ridder. A lot of these improvisations and compositions were compiled on several Y CREATE issues. (Why create? or IJmuidense creations)"

"Y CREATE is the solo moniker of Hessel Veldman, but was also used to refer to a changing group of musicians connected to Exart. A lot of their improvisations and compositions were recorded and several were released on the label."

"EXART (label, studio and archive) was founded by Hessel Veldman and Nick Nicole  in October 1982. In 1978 Hessel had started composing experimental music and before 1978 he was playing guitar in several local blues- and rock-bands. The label wanted to spread new experimental and improvised music. The studio was the place to improvise, compose, record and make radio-programmes, mixes and remixes. At the same time Veldman started to preserve sounds in the Exart archive. The label ended its activities in 1995, although there are rumours that Veldman has plans to do digitalized reissues of some of the releases. 
Variations on the label name (Exart Cassettes, Exart K7) are used on some of the releases."

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