domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Hieroglyphic Being - The Urantia Project (Further Records,2011)

Seattle's Further Records keep up a cracking run of releases (Conrad Schnitzler, Ekoplekz, Vagon Brei) with the 'Urantia Project', a previously unreleased Jamal Moss session recorded in 1996 and intended as a demo for Relief/Transmat/R&S/Warp - none of whom would pick it up. Firstly, it's great that someone has finally had the sense to put some Jamal Moss productions on the format most suited to his fidelity: cold, thin, cassette tape. In these eight tracks you can hear the seeds of his distinguished sound beginning to germinate at varying paces.

The tempos span from 120 all the ways up to 140bpms, which was quite of its time, and the galloping drum programming is probably most suitable for the Relief label, but you can hear why they weren't putting it out. It's just damn nuts, and we don't mean that in any negative sense of the word. These are simply productions that will only be understood by those with an open mind and open interpretations of what it is to Jakk in the most esoteric sense, and let's face it, there's not so many of those in the world. For anyone else with a love of psychotomimetic dance music, Afro-fututrism, or more psyched-out electronics, this is a truly unique artefact worth your time and attention.

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