domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

Esther Venrooy - Vessel (Entr'acte,2011)

"when I was young, at night, if the wind was blowing in the direction of our house I could hear the slow beating of the ships’ engines.”

Vessel was conceived for and presented as a site-specific,multi-channel sound installation in Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn, in October 2008. The composition consists of recordings of cargo ships on the river Waal in the vicinity of Zaltbommel, a small town in the heart of The Nether-lands.

Hay discos que cuando llegan en plena resaca mortal, se instalan en la única parte de humanidad que te queda como indispensable.De haberlo escuchado en otro momento, igual no tendría el mismo valor.

wiels staircase - 141110 - esther venrooy from fab five on Vimeo.

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