sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

John Paul Young - The Life of Ernie Scub (CMDC,1980)

Excelentísimo album de minimalismo synth y aliento punk crooner arrebatador, en una suerte de extraña coincidencia entre John Maus, John Foxx y Alan Vega. Composiciones y atmósfera de clásico personal e intransferible desde Canada.

By 1980 Young had set off on his own, playing all the instruments on this quasi-conceptual collection of robot-like minimal synth tracks. And on a continent that was still digesting the original punk movement, The Life of Ermie Scub would surely have been as left-field as they came. With its period analog synths, percolating drum machines and disaffected vocals, the record had more in common with the early OMD, the Normal or even San Francisco's Units than much of what was happening in Toronto at the time. That said, the bulk of ...Ermie Scub is mopy and tedious, with Young's lethargic singing especially annoying. Still, there are flickers of brilliance here, like the two-minute 'Have You Seen the Boy in the Gutter with the Broken Mind?', a frantic electro-workout worthy of Martin Rev, or the whimsical synths on 'The Boulevards of Hope', which seem to edge curiously close to Residents territory (circa The Commercial Album).

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