martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Bitchin bajas / Faceplant - Split (Bathetic,2011)

Ojito con el material que promete ser este ep con Aaron Coyes en su alias Faceplant...

Bitchin Bajas is the solo synthscapes of one Cooper Crain, maybe better known as a member of modern krautrock masters CAVE. With Bitchin Bajas, Crain creates worlds of sound, crafted from analog synthesizer and organ tones, not entirely too far removed from certain elements of Harmonia, Edgar Froese, or Cluster. Crain is definitely bringing a vintage sound to the table here. Clean, distinct arppegiated tones floating and bouncing, drifting and forming zones of their own. This is real deal psychadelia at its finest.

Faceplant is the solo work of one Aaron Coyes, of Peaking Lights and Rahdunes fame. Peaking Lights have made a sturdy name for themselves playing homemade synth-driven psychedelic, dub-infused drone-pop. With Faceplant -- described as Coyes' ''solo modular hessian noise trance project,'' he is mining a somewhat similar terrain. Driving percussive beats are slathered in dubby echo, while sweet synthesizers hover and chime; it's definitely a groovy affair. You can't listen to this and not shake your ass, just a little bit.

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