domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

Randy Greif ‎– Bacteria And Gravity (RRR Records,1987)

Siento una gran atracción hacia la obra de Randy Greif:

"Since the mid 1970's, Randy Greif has been pushing the boundaries of auditory arts, often incorporating electronic, computer and concrete music with spoken word, "sound theater", and field recordings. Location recordings in places such as Amazonia, New Guinea, and Thailand have found their way, often manipulated, into some of Greif's music, branding it as "tribal" electronics. Trademark styles are dense layers of atmospherics, cut-up vocals, and shifting minimal rhythms. "Dark" and "hallucinatory" are often used to describe the overall tone of his work."

Además por suerte, he encontrado en este blog (The Living Archive of Underground Music) una entrevista con el miso Greif en el que se le preguntan por este album y sus intenciones:

"[P] In addition to cassettes you also released LPs. One of my favorites is “Bacteria And Gravity” This was actually on RRRecords. Did Ron Lessard approach you to do this album? It seems influenced by late period Miles Davis, electronic improvisation, ethnic music and more. Do you remember your intentions when recording this album?

[RG] I don’t recall whether Ron approached me to do the LP or whether I sent him the material asking for RRR to release it. But Ron had used a number of my tracks… the first of my music to get onto vinyl… on his God Bless America vinyl boxset. I had not listened to much Miles Davis at that time and though I was interested in electronic improvisation by groups such as AMM, this LP had not much improvisation on it. It definitely was influenced by various ethnic musics, though. I had been traveling to some exotic locations such as Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and the Amazon and making field recordings. Some of those field recordings became part of the LP after having been electronically processed and modified. The second side of Bacteria and Gravity is one long piece and I was trying to give the feel of a sort of tribal ritual mixed with sounds from a more industrialized society that would build in intensity."

Para mí, este "Bacteria And Gravity" también es favorito aunque también habría que destacar trabajos como el oscurantismo de "Golden Joy Club" (1986) y el quíntuple esfuerzo marciano de "Alice in Wonderland". Un músico completamente fuera de cualquier categoría. Puerto de categoría especial.

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