lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Azanyah - The One (Path of Light,1987)

Siguiendo por la senda espiritual jazz, y con las reediciones de Jazzman , el impresionante trabajo de Azanyah en "The One". Disco perfecto para salir del desfase navideño, que llega a su fin y del que uno celebra sobrevivir, y un buen regalo para una mañana soleada en el Levante, Colosal.

"Suffused with spiritual uplift but lacking any saccharine in either content or production values, Azanyah communicates in a language that harks back to the great message bearers of an earlier time: the musical language of Coltrane, Pharaoh and their fellow travellers, musicians who had journeyed deep into the wellsprings of the African-American and African traditions, and returned with complex, burnished artifacts that spoke of the highest truths with incandescent urgency. Its musical message underpinned by the deep pulse of the eponymous Mamaniji Azanyah’s bass, The One is a document that seems somehow out of time: it comes as a surprise that this album was recorded in the ‘80s, although The One is not a nostalgic throwback to the revolutionary period couple of decades earlier. Rather, it is part of a long continuum of committed visionary sound, drawing strength from the same sources that inspired its forebears, and walking on the same paths toward enlightenment. Raw, earthy, deep jazz - Spiritual Jazz at its finest!

Since 1984, Azanyah, a septet under the co-leadership of Mamaniji Azanyah and Immanuel Zechariah, has performed to appreciative audiences throughout the southeastern United States at major music venues, jazz and music festivals, and community celebrations, including; the Variety Playhouse, Atlanta Jazz Festival, Birmingham Heritage Festival, National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta/Montreaux International Music Festival, Birmingham Seven Stages Festival, and KingFest. Azanyah’s banner reads “Creative Spiritual Expression in the Improvisational Tradition” and aptly characterises the nature of their presentation. Utilising a powerhouse acoustic instrumental ensemble, with the added feature of equally powerful lead vocals, Azanyah transports the listener through a kaleidoscopic soundscape experience of pan-African rooted, World Music, filled with prophetic rapture, meditative bliss and reflective wonder."

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