miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Objekt - Leisure System Radio mix

Me encanta.Además lo del setlist es impagable,selección y comentarios.

Leisure System Radio mix (see comments for d/l link) by Objekt

promo mix for leisure system at berghain 16/09/11. here's what i won't be playing

half-arsed tracklist:

jaco pastorius - portrait of tracy
boredoms - noise ramones
tin man - something off 'wasteland'
mark ernestus vs konono no.1 (i think?)
radiohead - where bluebirds fly
autechre - dael
autolux - plantlife
emptyset - ?? not sure ?? it came out in 2011
lightning bolt - birdy
move d + benjamin brunn - like a restless sea
rhythm & sound - mango drive
steve stoll - was here pt ?
jeff mills - one of the something in the sky tracks
some omar s tune
frozen border - an early one i think - with the red stamp
the b-side off that millie&andrea 12 with the blue eye
oneohtrixpointnever - zones without people



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