martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Grasshopper - Goodnight Sweet Prince (Baked Tapes,2011)

Uno de los discos que pasan por debajo del radar en 2011, pero que encontrarlo ha sido una suerte de descubrimiento que abandona la mente a la catarsis más incondicional y cerrada. Ruido celestial sin ninguna duda y absolutamente devastador.Imprescindible sin rechistar:

"Goodnight Sweet Prince" is the culmination of 12 years of banddom for Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod. These somber trumpet soliloquies, bubbling electronic quagmires and rolling tides of feedback squelches have their roots deep in the woods of Long Island where the two met under the guise of learning classical trumpet at the same summer camp that launched Mariah Carey to stardom.

Over the years, they've toured the world with orchestras, studied classical music at two of the world's finest conservatories and eventually landed in mangling the sounds of their polished trumpet tones to create throbbing walls of droning jazz noise.

"Goodnight Sweet Prince" is the bands most focused work with three improvisations that move freely between unadorned jazz trumpet tones, dense polytonal orchestration and harsh outbursts of noise all surrounded by a thick cloud of hazy smoke... a seriously hazy cloud that washes over the whole thing giving it a warmth that tempers the harsher moments.

These three improvisations are among the last recorded at The Bakery in Harlem. They were originally recorded for ESP Disk, but then rejected for "sounding too much like Miles Davis". While there are moments that evoke "Sketches of Spain", they are quickly engulfed by waves of harshness that would make Miles cringe and go back to smoking a jazz cigarette in hopes that it might make a bit more sense.

Goodnight Sweet Prince is dedicated to the loving memory of Martin Dreiwitz, conductor of the Long Island Youth Orchestra and firm believer that Josh Millrod and Jesse DeRosa would never amount to much.------> POR LOS COJONES,Martin

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