domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Sculpture - Slime Code (Kaleidoscope,2012) /Video

Grandes chaladuras

Slime Code is an exotic particle soup of pause button tape edits, varispeed action, VU busting tape saturation, freakform noise, grazing tape loop critters, and electronic rhythms.
The music was performed live to 8 track tape by Dan Hayhurst and Reuben Sutherland (Sculpture) on 1st July 2011.
7 unique dubs to C20 compact cassette were executed by DH, and a digital edit was compiled from the C20s on August 6th 2011.
The 7 unique C20s and free unlimited digital manifestation available through Kaleidoscope from Valentine’s Day.
320kbps mp3s -*label.html


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