lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Blackest Ever Black: She Died With Her Eyes Open (mixtape,2011)

Ya se puede disfrutar de la nueva mixtape desde Blackest Ever Black, descargable además y donde se puede escuchar lo que parece va a ser su nuevo lanzamiento, que será a cargo de Tropic of Cancer,duo formado por Camella Lobo y Silent Servant (pareja a tener bajo control).

1.Amebix – Sunshine Ward (Glad To Be Bad) (excerpt) [Spiderleg, 1984]

2.Chasing Voices – Acidbathory (excerpt) [Preserved Instincts, 2010]
3.Yellow Tears – Don’t Cry (fragment) [Hospital Productions, 2009]
4.Burzum – Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität [Misanthropy/Cymophane, 1996]

5.Second Layer – Black Flowers [Cherry Red, 1981]
6.Mecanica Popular – Daguerrotipo [Grabaciones Accidentales, 1987]
7.Ye Olde Maids – Advice To A Future Giallo Killer [Heartworm Press, 2010]
8.Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves [Captured Tracks, 2010]
9.aTelecine – I Came I Sat I Departed [Pendu Sound, 2010]

10.Pump – Falling From Grace [Plague, 2010]
11.Eric Zann – It Is Narrow Here (excerpt) [Ghost Box, 2005]
12.Tropic of Cancer – Dive (Wheel Of The Law) [Blackest Ever Black, 2011]
13.Gate – Forever [Ba Da Bing!, 2010]
14.Pram – Compass Rose [Domino, 2007]
15.The Units – Straight Lines [Community Library, 2009]

16.Burial Hex - Go Crystal Tears [Aurora Borealis, 2009]
17.Nocturnal Emissions – Vegetation Narration [Earthly Delights, 1987]
18.Sutcliffe Jugend – Scene Two: The House; Act V: Cold Aftermath [Death Factory, 1999]
19.Lydia Lunch – Suicide Ocean [Ruby, 1982]
20.Peter Rehberg – ML3 [Editions Mego, 2009]

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