jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

The Dissapointment Engine - A Blackest Ever Black Mixtape (BlackestEverBlack,2011)

Disponible enlace para mediafire en se web!

*Casualidad de la vida o no, en una mixtape en The Wire y en ésta aparecen Ramleh


Mass - Inocence
Pelican Daughters - Through The Sepulchre
Main - Corona I
Isolation Ward - Meat in Motion
Jon Brooks - House Among the Laurels
Raime - Told & Collapsed
The Shadow Ring - Hold Onto I.D.
S. McLoughlin & A Cooper - Dulegate
Play Deal - Weeping Blood
Call Back The Giants - Passage of Arms
Cut Hands - Impassion
The Threshold Houseboys Choir - Intimations of Spring
Black Leather Jesus - Smear Campaign
Brinkmann - Words
Alberich - Napalm
AC Marias - Just Talk
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie - It's Madness
Ramleh - Bite The Bolster
Rowland S Howard - Autoluminescent

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