lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Nick Edwards - Ringworm Blues & Skalashade (Cyland Audio Archive, 2013)

Nick Edwards me lleva loco. No hay palabras que mejor definan mi interés hacia sus composiciones. Llevaba tiempo queriendo hablar sobre su cara "Reflectograph Suite" en el split compartido con Stuart Chalmers en Feral Tapes pero no he conseguido ningún enlace para ilustrar la absoluta demolición que supone esta pieza correspondiente a una instalación de 2011 posteriormente reeditada y propulsada hacia los niveles más demenciales en su obra. Esto es lo único que hay de momento para compartir:

Por suerte este torrente entre Ekoplekz, eMMplekz, Nick Edwards, Ensemble Skalectrick, PLKZFX o como le apetezca llamarse, no tienen rival. Aquí su descripción:

The first and honored author of the CAA is Nick Edwards, experimental electronic music artist from Bristol, widely known as Ekoplekz. Nick started exploring sound and fixing the results direct to tape in the late 80s 
with the help of primitive analog equipment. Edwards hasn’t lost hiscreativeness principles formed under the influence of early electronics and radiophonics to 70s dub, industrial and krautrock, newer forms of leftfield dance music and the post-noise experimental vanguard. 

RINGWORM BLUES/SKALASHADE for the CAA clearly shows Nick's powerful and mature music ideology in action. The sorcery of Nick Edwards’s music is his hard work. By filling his life with the inspired work, Nick's art reaches incredible progress, and some of his works become really magical. No doubt it is impossible to perceive Nick Edwards sound pictures while they are hidden and only listener attention animates these tracks life and opens the movement of souls. 

Curated by S.Komarov & V.Dobrovolski 
Lathe cut by S.Komarov 
Text by V.Dobrovolski 
Cyland Media Lab 2013 

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