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Guy Klucevsek - Scenes From a Mirage (Review Records, 1987)

Minimalismo, melancolía, tradición, belleza, vanguardia,... no se como sentirme ante un disco tan fantástico como el de Guy Klucevsek, todo un veterano y un maestro del acordeón. La verdad es que siento cierta atracción por la sonoridad de este instrumento, hay algo de infancia y romanticismo Mediterráneo en mi corazón al escucharlo. No sabría expresarlo sin dar enormes rodeos, pero la sencillez y maestría de "Scenes From a Mirage" se escapa de todo entendimiento. Desde que lo escuché , ando perdido en su obra (algunos de ellos editados en Tzadik, que no es decir poca cosa). A esa ventana triste ya nunca más le romperán el corazón.

At almost 150 years old, the accordion, and its variations such as the bandoneon and concertina, is still thriving as a core instrument in many music traditions. Virtuoso accordion players have made a deep impression on musical audiences throughout the world. Some of the outstanding players today are: Flaco Jimenez (Tex Mex), Clifton Chenier (Zydeco), and Astor Piazzolla, bandoneon player (Nuevo Tango).

The sound of the accordion, bandoneon, and concertina is created by freely vibrating, hand-made metal reeds in an air column. Inside the accordion's resonant chamber the reeds are attached to hollow woodblocks. Air is directed to the individual reeds through a bellows by valves which are opened by keys and/or buttons manipulated by the player's fingers.

Accordions are capable of sharply accented attacks as well as subtle swells, tremolos and other expressive changes. Dramatic chord voicings and clusters of varying densities and textures can be accomplished. Accordion players can not only make very rapid single note passages with many degrees of articulation but also have fine dynamic control over the attack, sustain and decay of the tones through the bellows.

Guy Klucevsek's instrument is the free bass accordion. This instrujnent has single tones covering over seven octaves, with a wide overlapping range between the left and right hand manuals. It differs from the traditional Stradella style accordion, whose left hand manual has pre-set-chord buttons and only one octave of bass tones. (Klucevsek uses a Stradella instrument on Mounted On The Fairground's Magic Horses.)

Klucevsek has composed und performed the music on this album with complete mastery. It is a remarkable demonstration of the expressive range of the free bass accordion as well as a valuable compendium of appropriate musical techniques for the instrument. Most of all, the album is a beautiful contribution to musical literature.

-- PAULINE OLIVEROS, Kingston, NY 8/26/1987

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