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Mibu Kogawa - Furukawa (業晒し) (Grass Field's Essence , Private Press,1978)

Este único disco de folk salvaje y apasionado de Mibu Furukawa (otra variación es Mibu Kogawa) es una suerte entre el cancionero norteamericano psicodélico y de carretera unido al salvajismo samurai y al horror de las películas de Kobayashi, o al menos evocaría ese universo en el que imaginarse jinetes solitarios recorriendo el oriente o samurais poníendose tibios de ácido en California. Botas de cuero y katanas. Sombrero a lo Dennis Hopper y kimonos. Quizás estoy dejándome llevar por el sustrato Tarantino (o tal vez Cowboy Bebop), aunque el sentido del humor de  "The Sword of Doom" o "Kwaidan" no sea tal. La voz de Mibu es profunda, blues llevado casi a una velocidad hardcore y desenfrenada, blues gutural, como el free rock de Keiji Haino pero con el rasguido de barbarismo vikingo del floklore polaco y ruso. Música desfondada y herida. Una auténtica maravilla perfectamente descrita en la información que encontré en el album:

"Japanese rural acid folk private press masterpiece that till this day is only known by a handful of Japanese music aficionados and folk heroes like Mikami Kan and Tomokawa Kazuki who both consider Furukawa Mibu a huge influence upon their own musical creations. Just like the aforementioned ardent fans of his sole recorded LP, Furukawa also heralded out of the cold and wind-beaten high north of Japan's Aomori Prefecture. It remains unclear to me why a weather beaten rural folk dweller with a voice deep enough to bring out the dead and gifted with an unchallenged talent only released one single LP that saw the light of day in 1978 on this private imprint, hitting the streets back then in a minuscule run.

Right from the start the mood is set with the sound of the high northern wind blowing through the air while some austere minimal flute can be heard. Furukawa's voice drifts in, sounding desolate, the crying of a baby drivels through, more disenchanted feelings of loneliness and hardship to rise up from out of the deserted rise paddies while Osoresan looms omnipresent and threatening over the already doom struck villages. Welcome to Furukawa's world. His almost tribal rough edge guitar strumming set against a single noted taiko drum beat enhancing even more the depraved nature of his township. 

He sounds troubled, seasoned with hardships, rural superstitions and bad omen forecasts, especially emphasized through the field recording like snippets of old women reciting exorcism rites and sacred texts. His rasping howls and shrieks sound like the come from beyond the grave, a blues from out of desolation row. Desperate loner folk? Well it is all here. Hardcore Japanese blues/folk from beyond a world inhabited by ghosts and natural hardships. One of the best folk records to seep out of Japan. Nope, no acid folk here folks, this is way too deep and hard to degenerate into such a fashionable term. Just hardcore Japanese folk blues. Rare micro pressing and too obscure to attract any attention from the outside world. Just sheer fantastic music and possibly my all time favorite folk album to come out of here. All time highest possible recommendation. Massive."
- Tiliqua Records

En este blog además se puede encontrar un enlace donde está disponible el disco. Joyaza animal.

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